Why did my mac shut down and then start beeping; i only tried to print?

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I ain't really specialized in Macs but, it COULD be an overheating problem. Is it a laptop? Or an iMac?
If it's a laptop then I suggest going to buy those cooling pads, probably around 30 bucks you'll get a good one. My windows laptop overheats if I don't put some cooling on it.

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How many times did the light flash ?

those are the beep codes:

1 beep = No RAM installed/detected

2 beeps = Incompatible RAM type installed (for example, EDO)

3 beeps = No RAM banks passed memory testing

4 beeps = Bad checksum for the remainder of the boot ROM

5 beeps = Bad checksum for the ROM boot block

when the light flashes - you must add 1 flashing for the corresponding code (like 1 beep equals 2 flashes = no ram installed and so on)

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it got stressed out. poor lil mac.

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