Lymph under my chin... I don't know

Ok I was laying in bed yesturday and I was feeling my chin and I left a little hard bunch right under my chin, its alittle back but it feels like a rally small hard bump. It wasnt there the day before. I’ve had this before like a few months ago I banged my chin and I got the same thing and about 4 days afterwards it just dissapeared. Now its back I don’t know if its possible I pulled someone or whatever I check it on the net and they say its a lymph thats caused by infection but I can’t be sure.. does anyone know? anyone had this? like I said I havent hit anything that im aware of but I have been under a lot of stress lately.. any idea how I can make it go away?

Answer #1

It may just be a boil/large pimple that hasn’t produce a ‘head’ to the surface of your skin yet. They can appear overnight. The stress could explain that, and the area around the chin can be an oily spot for pimples to occur.

Treat it like any boil/pimple, don’t mess around with it too much, wash your face with facial wash twice a day, try to relax a bit, drink lots of water and make sure you’re getting the right nutrition (a multivitamin helps). If it hasn’t gone away in a couple of weeks and it’s bothering you or have grown bigger, you should see a doctor about it, and he may prescribe some antibiotics for you.

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