Who loves summer?

Answer #1

Me when its not raining :L

Answer #2

Hate it. I prefer Winter and autumn. I dislike the heat a lot. And I’m not good wit most summer activities because I’m afraid of water and avoid tanning.

Answer #3

I HEART!!! the rain! it’s so calming…well to me it is.

Answer #4

swimming and tanning! i love to!! it does get real hot here though.

Answer #5

its not if you have it all the freakin time :L

Answer #6

I’d like summer, if I had something to do with my time.

Answer #7

i do :D :D

Answer #8

Yay!!!! :) :)

Answer #9

you don’t swim or hang out with friends?

Answer #10

Me!! :D Lol

Answer #11

Bahah we dont’ have it that much lol

Answer #12


Answer #13

Oh i absolutley love Summer my favourite season when it’s all sunny and bright i swim in my icey cool swimming pool! do you have your own swimming pool?

Answer #14

And The tanning!!!!!! :)

Answer #15

I use to swim, but I have a few scars I don’t care to show now. And I have more net friends than I do genuine ones, if you catch my drift lol.

Answer #16

how sad try not to be so self-concious im not

Answer #17

it beats school:))

Answer #18

oh yes!!

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