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My boyfriend and I have been together now for one month and he wants to finger me but I've never been fingered. What should I do?

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you should wait a little til you 2 know each other a little more.
and wait til you are ready
when you trust him you will know

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if you trust him then let him. Its nothing to be scared of. Its a really good releasing feeling. Enjoy it. (If you're ready.)

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If You dont wanna be fingered then explain to him that you dont want this right now and if he loves you he will understand but if you want him to just relax its really nothing to be afraid of you will b FINE!

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tell him your concern and keep an open mind try it if you don't like it let him know and if he really cares it shouldn't be a problem if your both of age to do these things

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ummm the morally right thing to say is wait awhile but I say do it!! like if feels soo good but at the same time if he gets too into it, it can begin to at least for me and then I just say stop!!! BUT DOOO IT, if you think your ready

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I think you should wait a little longer, a month isnt that long to start doing things like that... you should wait until you trust him enough and are sure that your ready.

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