love songs

waht are some Really cute love songs?

Answer #1

A lot of Hellogoodbye songs are really cute. “Baby it’s fact” and “Oh it is love” are the cutest in my opinion. :)

Answer #2

who is it for and what is their and your age if you don’t mind me asking. It would help tho ‘because I’d know what sorta song you could do lol. you cn funmail me if you don’t want it posted on here. up 2 u. you dont have to tell me ages and stuff.

Answer #3

Nevere by Empyrey Racks by In Irons

Answer #4

sweet child o mine by guns and roses

Answer #5

the day I fall in love - Dolly parten & James Ingram


Love it

Answer #6

Love again, by cascada! I love that song!

Answer #7

the reasin by hoobastank. the last night by skillet. thunder by boys like girls

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