Love- is it possible

Is it possible to be in love with someone even after jsut a month? He’s all I think about. He’s always on my mind and whenever I see him I get these butterflies and when he touches me I just want to melt? Do you think this could be love? If it is, we may just go further. Help please?

Answer #1

yes! yes it is! that happened to me but I pushed him away. dont do what I did. but dont force this love let it come to you. but dont push it away and do what I did.

Answer #2

I believe it can be. most people dont start sayin love you and actually love them till after a couple months or till after they kiss. but I no how you feel im the same way! I love my boyfriend to death and its only been bout a1 1/2 months but I’ve loved him for ever! so yes I think it is possible to love him already

Answer #3

Love is not only about feeling great while the one you think you love is near you. True love is not selfish, centered on self or ones feelings. The question is what would you be ready to sacrifice or give up for him. How ready are you to put up with his mistakes. If it’s only a mater of feeling, after a reasonably long period of time it fades away. In any case, i believe your feelings now are too strong to allow you to reason on the subject.

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