love help

if my boyfriend is acting funny what do I do

Answer #1

slap him and tell him to snap out off it LOL

NOO DO NOT DO THAT LOL hes probally twice your size and he’ll slap you back lol.. just tell him whats on your mind

Answer #2

I got your message but it wouldn’t allow me to send you one back because it says you only receive messages from “friends”…anyway yea, how long have you been with this guy? I could be a bunch different reasons, it depends on the status of the relationship prior to these actions…

Answer #3

well if he’s acting funny, laugh. If you dont think its funny you could do like one of those fake laughs and then at least he will feel better about himself…

Answer #4

what do you mean by acting funny? is he ignoring you or something? You should just talk him to about it and if he isn’t opening up to you assure him that he can tell you anything and that you care about him.


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