Will losing my love handles get rid of my back dimples?

Does anyone know a good way to lose a bit of my love handles (a.k.a. lower back/side fat)… and if I lose weight there, will that get rid of my “back dimples” or make them more prominent? I’ve heard many different sides to that question…

Answer #1

try working out and try to be so motivated it could help alot it did with me i jogged and did yoga walked at night with my mom stuff that helps u and doesnt make u bord also try to eat very small meals that can feel u up like salads. Dancing is a great exsirces if u like that .

Answer #2

Stand up..and just move your upper body from side to side..but do it toward your back so you can work them love handles..also..drink alot of water and do this exercise as much as you can everyday..You will se results in less than a month if you do it everyday..GOoD LUCK =)

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