How to get girls to like you?

How do you get girls to like you?

Answer #1

dont be a jerk and dont be self conceited,and dont wear your pants on your knees,lol,smell good but dont over do the cologne,be clean,be nice and friendly,be urself,make jokes,be funny,dont ever let the girl you like feel stupid or below u…um,,,lol yaeh well that pretty much says it…any questions email me.:D

Answer #2

ha this is cute.. well being a girl and all I would have to say, be your self.. & play hard to get.. but not to hard you want to show that your intersted but a guy willing to be “whiped” isnt attractive.. but ya be your self and if “she” doesnt like you for you. then fu*k her!

Answer #3

dont be a cockhead, make lots of sexual jokes and just stop giving a f*ck cause things come when u least expects them

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