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Lost my voice.. How do I get it back?

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I lost my voice. It's been gone for almost 2 days now. I have been sick all week. Just the normal cold. Coughing, coughing up yellow greenish mucus,runny/stuffed nose,sneezing, and just that sick feeling. I had a raspy voice the other day. Then I stayed up all night at a church lock in. I had to yell in a game wheer people were blindfolded,I didn't yell a lot. I lost my voice a little more then but nothing serious. Then I went home and slept for 8 hours assuming it would help. I wake up to find I have no voice. Just a squeak would come or nothing. I have NO voice. When will it come back? How serious is this? christmas is almost here and I have to work tomorrow. I have a volunteer thing for school and I am scheduled to work 2 days straight to help pay for band. I need the money. How do I get my voice back? Do I have laryngitis? Any remedies that would help? Should I go to the doctor? WHAT DO I DO? I NEED HELP!!!