Lost my voice.. how do i get it back?

I lost my voice. It's been gone for almost 2 days now. I have been sick all week. Just the normal cold. Coughing, coughing up yellow greenish mucus,runny/stuffed nose,sneezing, and just that sick feeling. I had a raspy voice the other day. Then I stayed up all night at a church lock in. I had to yell in a game wheer people were blindfolded,I didn't yell a lot. I lost my voice a little more then but nothing serious. Then I went home and slept for 8 hours assuming it would help. I wake up to find I have no voice. Just a squeak would come or nothing. I have NO voice. When will it come back? How serious is this? christmas is almost here and I have to work tomorrow. I have a volunteer thing for school and I am scheduled to work 2 days straight to help pay for band. I need the money. How do I get my voice back? Do I have laryngitis? Any remedies that would help? Should I go to the doctor? WHAT DO I DO? I NEED HELP!!!

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Tbh, water does nothing...

my sister has lost her voice aswell.

she gets it back for a while by ...

gargleing salt water.

Mix REAL salt in boiling hot water [kettle] and then gargle.

works a treat!!

tastes horrible bt its worth it! :D

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Stop talking so much =P, drink lots of water, take your medicines regularly. And most importantly, AVOID DEEP-FRIED STUFF (I learned this from experience lol)

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If its from the flu, there won't be much you can do about it. It will come back on its own. Just don't overtalk. :-)

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hi. try not to talk for a while and drink lots of water

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First of all why did you give your voice to ursela lol. She's gonna try to steal eric away from you!! Just kidding maybe you have strep throat. Which you don't anymore because this was last Christmas. I was bored and yeah

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First of all: Don't worry. It's probably nothing serious. I've had the same thing for a WEEK.. But I feel better now. It's probably not good for you, but there's nothing you can do right now x(. The only thing I could recommend is drink a lot of tea with honey. Honey is good for your throat. Also, drink a lot of Advil or stuff. It will make you feel better. Rest your voice, too. Don't try to talk today. If you don't have a voice, you don't have a voice. Maybe if you don't talk today, it will become better tomorrow.
That's the only thing I could thing of, I'm sorry!

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stop talking too much and try not to use your voice!, drink hot green tea with honey and lemon!, avoid dry fried foods (popcorn, chips...est.), have a table spoon of honey after every meal followed with warm water!, get loads of rest, and gargle with salt water before you sleep at night! (:

hope you get better hon!

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Eat a lot Of Cold Stuff Your Through Is Probably Swollen So Eat Plenty Of Ice Drink Water Ice Cream and don't Talk And your Voice Should Be Good! :)

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Likely, your epithelial tissue is worn from lack of lube due to the cold. Regaining your lost voice is simply a matter of time. First, keep silent to help your vocal folds heal. Also, drink a lot of water to help bring back the body's natural ability to produce lubrication for the jelly-like matrix vocal folds. Using humidifiers or breathing steam can bring some hydration to the sinuses and throat. Warm drinks can be soothing. Honey or tea/lozenges made from slippery elm tree bark contain a gooey substance meant to be soothing. Avoid acidic foods such as tea, citrus fruits such as lemon, tomatoes, and chocolate to prevent acid reflux further damaging the vocal folds. Avoid hot toddies because the alcohol is dehydrating for the throat and the tea and lemon or orange promotes acid reflux. Avoid talking, whispering, and loud throat clearing since they put extra stress on the inflamed and irritated tissues of the vocal folds.

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On Dec 26th, 2009, I began losing my voice. I had a cold (probably from sharing a NeilMed nasel rinse bottle with my son), needed to "talk loud" during the holidays, yada, yada yada and ... bam! my voice is gone. It's been gone for two days now. I'll try the hot tea + lemon + honey and gargle /w salt water. Thanks and happy holidays to everyone.

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dont talk for a while and if that dosent work gargle salt water but if that does nothing drink tea and eat crackers works like a charm.

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Mee Too]:
& I have a Pep-RaLly Fridaay . .

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drink tea wit lemon and honey-- I think that mite work... I no it soothes your throat

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I know this sounds like so icky but cut a chunk out of a lemon (peeled of course) and suck on it, when the flavor runs out get another one. Limes work too though.

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