Why can't I lose weight?

I’m having trouble losing weight. I cut the amount of calories I eat in half. I drink nothing but water or tea. I don’t eat late at night and I eat healthy foods. I also exercise but I still seem to be gaining weight. And I feel SO fat all the time. I need some advice.

Answer #1

Hey Maddy,

I agree with katydid. You don’t look fat, and as she said…are ONLY 13. You are turning into a young woman and that being the case, are going to start adding curves to your figure, as well as getting taller, which will also result in more weight. That doesn’t by any means mean that you are fat. Your feeling fat all of the time is probably a result of low self esteem and all the glamour out there today. Tv and the media has a way of making us all feel badly about ourselves. You have to remember that what you see on tv isn’t always reality. Check out this video…it is a Dove Evolution commercial that I learned about in Design school on how beauty is so distorted by technology these days.


One more thing…stopping eating will only cause your body to think that you are starving, which will result in your metabolism slowing to nearly nothing. This means that you body will stop burning the calories that you take in. The best way to stay in shape is to take in at least 1200 calories a day…no less, and start a good exercise regemin…and no eating late night snacks. That means no junk after 6 oclock. If you feel the need to eat something, I suggest an apple or pear, as they are very low everything and is good for you. Water and tea are good for you to drink and since you are already drinking water…try drinking your tea with dinner…but only water after 6. Try this, exercise, healthy diet and you will be just fine. Hope I was able to help you :)

Jenny B

Answer #2

you need to keep in mind that you are only 13 years old! You are still growing, so you are going to gain a little weight. It’s normal. you look like a healthy girl and you don’t look fat, so I wouldn’t worry about it =) be happy with yourself! Whatever you do, don’t stop eating!

Answer #3

don’t eat x

Answer #4

I have that problem 2 dont feel bad

Answer #5

your proberly just growing or something or sometimes when you start to go on a diet it dosnt work at first but it will after a while and your weight will drop super speed ! xx

Answer #6


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