Losing thigh fat

Im 15 and weigh 125, I run track, and I try to eat healthy, but I could go on ice cream and fatty foods and still weigh the same, high metabolism, but I hate my legs. Espically my thighs, im always running after practice so I can tone them down, I dothe stairs at practice sometimes too, but nothing seems to change, not to mention my hips are big due to scolieois, (not how you spell it) but I want my thigh fat gone, and cant find a way to do that Any help?

Answer #1

Are you sure it is thigh fat? You could do wide legged squats, which would build your abductor muscle(inside of thighs). That would tone your legs up some. Just make sure all of your legs are tone instead of just your quads(front thigh) and adductors(outside thigh).

Answer #2


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