Is anyone else here losing information like status updates from their FunAdvice profile page?

Can anyone explain why this is happening. Everything I had on my page before this morning just disappeared

Answer #1

Yes, sometimes things disappear into some digital dark hole…

Answer #2

wonder why this is happening

Answer #3

No idea…

Thanks for the points.

Answer #4

Yep I am to, I think it has to do with updates thr doin on the site

Answer #5

Yes. Meee

Answer #6

ur welcome

Answer #7

I’m noticing this too. It also seems that my questions are disappearing too…

Answer #8

I’d love to know what happened, why, etc, etc.

However …I don’t know off hand, I’ve asked Ericson what happened and I”m sure he’ll do his best to figure it out and fix it :)

Answer #9

So….unless I’m mistaken (please tell me if I am) this is b/c there’s only ONE page of information, right now, correct? When Ericson fixed the performance issues, he also had to remove the pagination….it’ll be added back soon as we can.

Answer #10

Yes that’s wat mine is doin, only one page, so yes ur right

Answer #11

As @thedude said, All you questions and status updates are still on Funadvice. Nothing is lost.

Ist just that we are showing the very last few right now. We’re trying to show some more (perhaps up to the last 20) real soon.

Answer #12

Ok thx so much

Answer #13

I am, and I just logged and I cannot see them

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