is Los Angela's California safe place to live??

Answer #1

From what I have heard in songs, watched shows, and heard stories, Yes and No. Yes, because some people live in nice rich ares and can get adjusted real quick. No, I heard about the dangerous life of living in South Central ( I think thats it) and other cities. I don’t know much about South Central, but if you hear that song “Today was a good day” by Ice Cube, maybe you would understand a little better.

Answer #2

Yes, my dad used to live there, he said there is a lot of robberies, a lot of people killing and stuff. The main thing is because it is the state that is most opened to have a lot of people enter it from different parts of the world.

Answer #3

It’s like any city really, there are some risks, but it’s like that all over

Answer #4

Just depends on what part, I’ve seen lots of areas where you wouldn’t want to be walking alone but there are just as many nicer areas. There are also areas kind of divided ethnically, like in one district there are a lot of Armenians, or Asian, or Hispanics, or Russians. LA is like no other city.

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