Loose skin on my vagina opening

im 15 I've got this little weird piece of loose skin...its not the labia before you say that.
its hanging off the actual vagina opening, its attatched to the top but not the bottom.
im worried please help!!!

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Don't worry about it.

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Maybe a portion of your hymen that is still attached? In any case if it causes you any type of discomfort get it checked out by a doctor.

And remember every girl looks different down there and some maybe have more skin then others. If it doesn't hurt or is uncomfortable (especially during sex) then it is probably not anything to worry about. But if it really bothers you go get a check up at your doctor to confirm that nothing is wrong.

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ifeelcrazy123 is right. It is most likely a remnant of your hymen and is perfectly normal.
The hymen doesn't fully go away in most women until they give birth vaginally.


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