Can anyone help me find a Jeep?

HEY im looking for a jeep. It doesn’t really matter what kind, prefferrably a grand cherokee or laredo though. I don’t want any problems on it that need to be fixed but it doesn’t need to be in excellent condition. I’m looking for miles under 120K, comes with tires (that happened that they werent once), body good, good gas mileage, and whatever other luxuries. I’m not a big spender, it depends whatever else the jeep offers. Im looking for abot 1500 bucks… can someone tell me about it? details about myself later

Answer #1

hey i love jeeps the only problem with them is the jeep cherokee has a tendency 2 breaking down. oil pan and transmission always goes ik 4 or 5 ppl with that problem. i love jeep wranglers tho they are nice more stable then a few years ago good luck

Answer #2

Hi there-

At some point, we may have classifieds here (anuncios?) but currently, we don’t :(

You should probably try a local classifieds site like or, or another one that has listings in your area.

Buena suerte (good luck).

Answer #3

try buying a car magazine or a jeep one and see who’s selling theirs. We bought our landrover from one and its ace! xxx

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