Longest you have been grounded?

Whats the longest you have ever been grounded?

Answer #1

I think like 3 months adn 2 weeks covers it! LOL

Answer #2

well it was supposed to be 6 months but turned around to 6 days because im a bo$$ like that. lol joke

Answer #3

I have been grounded for a maxiumum of 2 minutes, I think… My parents always threaten to ground me… and sometimes actually do ground me… but if they do… its never for real because I do everything as I normall would.

Answer #4

2 months haha because I put my pictures on the internet how lame huh..

Answer #5

from the beginning of the summer to my winter break. so about 7 months because I threw a kick back that got outa control, and ended up breaking a window, the tv, and the garage door. and I had to get a job and keep it until I paid for the damages. but it was TOTALLY worth it

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