How long does it usually take you to get started on your homework/work?

Answer #1

Depending on how big of a project it is, usually until the last minute. I don’t work well unless I’m under some kind of pressure.

Answer #2

Yeah last minute or not at all.

Answer #3

When I have something written that needs to be done, usually I try to do it as soon as I have the first bit of time available. I used to procrastinate a lot, which was awful. It’s too stressful to leave until the last minute.

Answer #4

im such a procrastooo hahaa. i take forever to start and usually would rather go to bed than start my homework….but id rather get it done than have my mom skin me the next day soo i force myself to do it

Answer #5

I usually dawdle for a few hours until it hits the 8 pm mark.

Answer #6

I’m a terrible procrastinator myself. I really have to force myself not to wait until the last minute to take care of things.

It is so much better to get it done and for it to be over with. I know that intellectually but I find it very hard to put into practice.

Answer #7

When in highschool I didn’t do any of my work, when in college the second I get home I start working on my homework instantly.

Answer #8

I procratinate A LOT so almost nothing gets done. =/

Answer #9

I know.

Answer #10

i know, same here.

Answer #11

Well… from experience… from what you just said… you really need to buckle down and condition yourself… meaning do it early… even if your not doing it early… cage yourself… isolate yourself, if you have to. Before when you get older, the times you wasted doing last minute will be your downfall. But if your conditioned. By all mean last minute, first minute, trust me it’s gonna be good.

Answer #12

I’ll do things last minute, but last minute in a practical way. After my first year of college I pretty much figured out that all nighters were not a practical way to get work done (Bs were not acceptable grades for me). So I’ll wait to the last possible day, but I never have to pull an all-nighter to get it done.

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