How long does it take to get rid of a hicky?

Answer #1

i heard from someone (so it might not be true) to brush the hicky with a soft bush, and it will go away

Answer #2

a hickey is a bruise, so it depends on how fast your bruises heal

Answer #3

so like 2 days or so..?

Answer #4

there’s a how to on how to get rid of one!

Answer #5

what do you mean?

Answer #6

Not sure how long it takes to get rid of one, but if you want to hide it/get rid of it, here are two How-Tos that should help you. :)

Answer #7

Nooo, it doesn’t go away that way lol

Answer #8

Try putting a metal spoon in the freezer and then putting it on the hickey…May have to repeat so the spoon stay cold..Worked for me….

Answer #9

I’m told this is the best way.. everytime i ask it doesn’t matter how old they are they always gimme the spoon lol so it must be right lol

Answer #10

Understanding that a hickey is a bruise, like Alfonso said, you can get rid of it with a cold, dense object, like a frozen spoon. Press the spoon onto the hickey and hold it there until it warms up, or you can massage it with a coin or other blunt edge, using olive oil or something else not evil. Either way it will take 4 to 12 days for it to fade.

Answer #11

Not sure but until it does go away, use a little makeup to make it look normal…

Answer #12

lol, hahaha thanks for letting me know, now i can tell that person to get her facts strait :D

Answer #13

Depending on how dark it is, 5-7 days. Put ice on it.

Answer #14

well u shouldnt get 1 in the first place turtlenecks for a week lol

Answer #15

look at the how to’s category

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