How long does it take for one pair of jeans to wash and dry?

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depend on how they are drying and what king of jeans. like some are heavier than others. Also depends on how good your washer spins the water out

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Well let's say my washer and dryer work really well, and they are light skinny jeans.

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Yeah there are alot of different factors. For me personally I can put them in a quick 30min cycle in the washing machine, then put them over my radiator and they are washed and dried in 2-3 hours. In the dryer they can dry in less than an hour but I don't like putting jeans in the dryer. As long as you got a decent washing machine and dryer it shouldn't take longer than couple of hours

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Alright thankyou.

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The question is.. Why does this matter?

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Um. Does it matter why i'm asking this? Didn't your mom teach you to wash your clothes?

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Why don't you wash them and time it?

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I wouldn't be asking the question if I was going to do that. I'm in a rush to be somewhere, and I need to know how long it will be before I can have jeans to wear.

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Yes she did... I just dont see why you would need to know how long it takes for jeans to dry? Havent you ever put jeans in a dryer?

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Yes, but not just 1 pair. And I need to know how long they take because I need to be somewhere. That's what this site is for, asking questions. So if you have a problem with this question (which I have no idea why you would) then just please don't comment.

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If you're having to wait on them to get done....too darn long.

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then not long at all especially if you run them on high.

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