How long do you have to go to college to be a child therapist?

Answer #1

college? you have to go to university

Answer #2

Ohh..for how long?

Answer #3

probably a couple years at least, depends what therapist you wanna be.. psychologist/counsellor etc i know if you wanna be a psychologist you’ve got to get a PhD, and that takes a while

Answer #4

What kind of therapist? We have massage therapist with no college, it is more like a tech school.

Answer #5

I’m not sure which type of therapist you want to be, since the term therapist is pretty broad. Generally speaking, you’re going to need AT LEAST a bachelor’s degree in psychology, you’ll need to go to graduate school and you need to become licensed. The years of study really vary depending on what type of therapist you want to be but for a Ph.D in psychology, you’ll need 4-8 years beyond your undergraduate degree. There’s more information on this website teling you about more requirements on master degrees in counseling, psychology, social work and psychiatric nursing.

Answer #6

Mmm i guess a counselor sorta person for like kids/teens

Answer #7

For a teen therapist, you’ll need a master’s degre in counseling or psychology. You might want to consider getting a credential, which can benefit you when getting a state license. Most states require a state license. You can check and on further information to become a teen therapist/counselor. The years of study really cannot be determined because it depends on how fast you can pass your tests and get your degrees.

Answer #8

Child therapist work with young children to help them work trough emotional,mental,and physical problems and issues. Hope this helps.

Answer #9

In the U.S. the minimum degree you need is a masters, and it is in counseling, social work, marriage and family, etc. You can NOT be a therapist with a master’s in psychology. It takes about 4 years to get a bachelors, and 2 years to get a masters. To become a psychologist, it takes 5 years after your bachelors.

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