How long will I be banned from xBox live?

Answer #1

depends on wat u did.

Answer #2

usually it’s a week, two weeks, or a month.

Answer #3

i had a bad word in my bio

Answer #4

For breaking the Code of Conduct, depending on how offensive the words, it would normally be a whole week. My brother made fun of the Jewish religion, and we got suspended for a week and I received an email.

Answer #5

not that long then i had a bad word 2 and they banned me for about 4 days? i think it was

Answer #6

Forever if u modified ur xbox or until u buy another one with different serial number. Its the xbox that has been banned. Not u. That’s for the modified scenario at least. Lol.

Answer #7

Its usually a week or two, especially if its about swearing or any discriminating “offences”. It shouldn’t be long. Suckkish tho. :\

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