How long (on average) does a perm stay in someone's hair?

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Mine about 6 wks

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I think perms must last for up to 6 months because most people only get them done around twice a year.

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My hair doesn't like to cooperate

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I hade a perm in november of 8th grade and I grew out completly in summer of sophomore year. For me was a 2 years and 4 months at least...

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I had one last 2 really depends on your hair - not everyone's hair is perm-able.

perMs for haiR
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Only two days?? Wow.

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Yes...a huge waste of $100

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Typically perms can last for about 4-6 months, but within 2 months of your perm, you may need to get a root perm because perms do not affect the new hair that grows. Perms also last longer in thin hair so if your hair is thick, the perm will not last as long.

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mine wasn't :)

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A good perm lasts s couple of months, the least amount would be about one month, again if its a good one.

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perm? doesn't it damage the hair?

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mine lasts 1yr.

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Depending on the elasticity and porosity of your hair, it could last years in the hair. The only problem is regrowth. It all depends on the perm solution used, the time it is left on for, and the neutralizer. You can let a perm fall quickly, by taking time off the processing time. But you have to be careful not to over-process it or the hair could break. Previous colour and chemicals in the hair also contribute to the end result. You can't let it process for as long as the MIs state if you have colour or bleach on your hair. Also, if you use a good shampoo it will last longer.

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You should have complained, do you remember how long the hairdresser left the solution on for? 2 days.. that's appalling.

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She did everything hair just wasn't accepting of it

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