How to unlock my ipod nano when it's frozen?

My ipod nano is locked even though the hold switch isn't on. It wont do anything, no matter what button I press. The screen stays lit up all day. I plugged it into my computer and went on itunes and the little bar on the left side with the picture of the ipod on it didn't come up so I cant sync music or anything. Its completely frozen. please help me I don't know what to do, im scared to tell my mother cus she'll throw a fit

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hold the middle button play/pause & menu button all at the same time hold it til the hole screen goes black then let go (:

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yes! I don't know what to now,I don't have tunes I have 1 day with him,my friend put some music,I have 1 day, I bougth $50.00 and is used I make somthing and is that I put another conbination for the screen I can turn on, please help me.

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I tried that like a million times and it didnt work because it said it was locked even though it wasnt. so no matter what I did it wouldnt change, like the screen was lit all the time.

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I dont know if you can fix it but ,sucks 4 you I think your ipod is corrupted, the same thing happened wit my old video ipod, so I got another 1, the only thing I can tell you is sell it on ebay and buy

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stellaapplemoor was dead on, I had the same problem, thanks for your help!!

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Well in future do what ash 23 said =] Except:
Toggle the hold switch about 5 times and the hold down the the MENU and center button for 8 seconds and the ipod will restart =]

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Just for next time,
I believe to restart an Ipod, you hold down play and the center button

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its ok now its fixed. I did what angel baby15 said. thanks

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read your manual for a start, second you can reset your ipod again your manual will tell you

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just let it go dead then charge it I have one an it has done that to me a few times just let it go dead an charge it after it does

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stellaapplemoor was dead on, thank you!!!

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ooops I meant menu- thanks stella!

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