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What do I need to know about living off the land in WA state?

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I am currently living by the Cascades, however I plan to live off the land for some time. What plants can I eat, what is the best way to preserve food? No bullcrap of prepackaged food items as I plan on doing this for awhile. Would it be necessary to filter water, or could I merely drink it unfiltered? I plan on being a hermit for awhile and hopefully find some peace. Focus on me, myself, and I. Pure solitude untainted by societies restrictions and regulations. I plan on just disappearing off the face of the earth for awhile. My phone will be left at home to avoid tracking. Any other tips on disappearing for awhile? So far I have... -Some clothes -Meal bars(emergency food) -Big black garbage bags(shelter) -Backpack -Sun/moon(direction) -Some basic first aid supplies -Knowledge of first aid -Common Sense -Determination and mental strength(won't bail out!) -Physical fitness

Extra -MP3 (until it dies on me) -Spiral notebook and pen -Flashlight with red light thingie(Just incase I needed to send out an S.O.S.)

What else would I need? Again I plan on living off the land, so no radio, prepackaged food, permits, phones, or anything really. I want to be truely free and alone.

Thanks for any advice