What do you live for? You personally and truthfully.

Answer #1

As a single dad… My daughter, first. Then my career. I love my career, but its only there to support my kid.

Answer #2

My son and my fiance. They are my world and i do everything in my life because of them and wanting to keep them happy and feeling loved.

Answer #3

My parents. Always and forever.

Answer #4

My family, friends.. and myself. I think what keeps me going is the hope that it will all someday be okay, that it will get better. :)

Answer #5

Myself. I do everything for myself .

Answer #6

I live for my boyfriend and my ex, and I live for my two best friends. One of my best friends is a total wreck, and he’s told me multiple times that he would have killed himself ages ago if I hadn’t been there for him. My other best friend is 14 and pregnant, and she wants me to be the baby’s uncle :3 so techniquely I live for her AND her unborn child. I live for my ex, because I love him SOOO much (as a friend) and he’s going through a lot of rough times with his family and stuff, so I want to help him through that. I live for my boyfriend, obviously because he’s my boyfriend and even though I know he could live without me and be perfectly fine, I’d like to think I make him a bit happier than he would have been without me.

Answer #7

My marriage, and knowing that my day to day life will equate to a future as time goes on.

Answer #8

my answers arent posting.. lol

Answer #9

You’re likely using a word that’s messing up the filter…funmail me your answer and I’ll test it

Answer #10

lol.. nah.. never mind.. lol :))

Answer #11

My little 12 year old brother first, I barley get to see him cause he lives with my dad, but if anything happened to him I would be destroyed inside. He annoys me at times but I know that he means well and i want him to have the best possible life. Besides him I live for my family, not for myself. Honestly I could care less if I died as long as I am able to save one life in my time of being alive.

Answer #12

My parents and whatever idiotic part of me won’t let go.

Answer #13

i live because it’s too expensive to die. Besides, my parents put this much effort into raising, educating, feeding and sheltering me, i can’t let that all go to waste.. ok, ok, seriously though, i know i would do more harm if i died. if i died, i can’t do the things i could’ve done if i were living. I could save someone’s life, or spare an animal’s life, or my vote could be the vote that tips over the tie…

Answer #14

My mum and my sister. My mum has done soooo much for me and my sister, I would do absolutely anything for her. My sister is my best friend in the world.

Answer #15

I live in hope of giving something beautiful to this world that will long out live me.

Answer #16

I live for my family and friends. I love them all unconditionally and seriously would bend over backwards for them. They are my support system, I am theirs. Without each other, we’d be pretty darn lost.

After my friends and family comes everything else in life. My pets. Reading books. The simple things. Everything that makes life what it is.

Answer #17

i am living for my daddy seriously,i am so annoyed by my life but my daddy has put a lot of efforts to give me a life free of cancer.i am doing the treatment for my daddy.i live only and only for him!!first i dont wana live when i got so many disappointments but its just him that gives me power to live and do my treatment as well :-)

Answer #18

I live for my dad. He died in my arms when I was 11. I want to make him proud and live life for both of us.

Answer #19

i’d live for my sister and my mom.. and id live to see how much i accomplish for myself

Answer #20

lol.. i like this

Answer #21

I live to find the truth…to find the end of suffering.

Answer #22

i know this sounds bad but i live for my ex i cant stop thinkin bout him hes hurt me so many times but i still love him he keeps me alive everyday when he yells at me and calls me names i feel comfort in knowing that maybe he really does still care about me enough to tell me these things and then i go off wif alot of guys who just use me to see what he will do its pathetic right??? but i just want his attention and somehow i think he loves me even though he says he doesnt cuz the funny thing is his girlfriend looks exactly like me but has slightly blonder hair and is a little bit more annoyin than me but were exactly alike we could be twins and i take that as him still loving me

Answer #23

My little sister :) She means the world to me.

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