Where is better to live, England or America?

Answer #1

Englands lovely very sophisticated and america is fun and perky. Your personality is all that matters.

Answer #2

Every place has it’s own good things and bad things, no place is really “better” it just comes down to a personal prefence after you have explored both places.

Answer #3


Answer #4

america sucks…….

just saying. :)

Answer #5

DOES NOT EVER HEARD OF FREEDOM OR RIGHTS! Alot of countries arent as privaledged.

Answer #6

Here are the Pros and cons for both. England - generally rainy. Limited in food. No jobs currently. Too many chavs.

America - Recovering economy, Lots of obese people (I’m pointing at Mcdonalds), Plane tickets cost more here than in England.

On the upside

England - You’re out of school by 16, You’re paid to go to college during the age of 16, plenty of fish and chips.

America - Diverse, limitless in materials and foods, still offering jobs here.

Answer #7

What, because England doesnt have freedom or rights?

Answer #8

so. have you seen the economy?

it’s just my opinion.

Answer #9

I luv england! im just saying dont trash amercia bcuz u dont live her so i would hush.

Answer #10

“generally rainy. Limited in food. No jobs currently. Too many chavs.”

Yeah i wanna live there

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