Live at home or move out?

I need advice. I’ve been thinking about this over and over and trying to decide but I dont know what to do. I am 24, I work full time, and am living at home with my parents and sister. I don’t get along with any of them and its really awkward and uncomfortable living here. My dilema is whether I should stay here for 5 more years when I would have saved plenty of money to get my own place - OR - move out of home and rent and reclaim my social life and my freedom but take a lot longer to buy my own house. I don’t pay any kind of rent/board here and can save a lot while at home. But it’s also driving me crazy. My mum questions my every move like im a kid. I don’t know what to do! Help!

Answer #1

5 Years??? You’ll be almost 30 when you leave home…I say move, regain your social life…save your money in the same way other adults do, and let your parents live their lives without an adult child in the house.


Answer #2

if I was 2 be you ill dont matter if ull have ure own house as long as you can get an apartment.that way ull be stress whatever you want.

Answer #3

move you can get a mortgage with little to no money down. im 27 and have owned my own house for 3 years now that means I was 24 when I bought it. It took about 4 grand to buy it but I bought a mobile home and they rquire money down. had I found a real house in my price range I would have had to pay no money down. a lot of sellers will even bargin with you on the closing costs, some will pay it just to get rid of their house. With you not havin to pay rent you now you should have no problem buyin a house unless your credit is not good. but in that case it doesn’t matter how old you are if its bad its bad. Try to buy one now. Move out, move on, get a life

Answer #4

AHAHAHAHAHAHH mobile home!!! ahahahahahhaahahah

Answer #5

id be bailing right about now! im about to turn 16 in like 11 days and im already keen as to move out. seriously you are 24 you have a job, you can rent a place. then aswell you dont get the whole question thing about what your doing and who with and shiiit. like I dont even get the question thing. I tell them im going out and no questions asked, otherwise I lie haha. but yeah its time to move and get your life under control. get rid of any crazy annoying parents & sisters. x

Answer #6

Well, if the choice is 5 years of hell and a down payment, or move out now and no down payment…I’d pick the 2nd one. Home ownership is nice, but it isn’t nirvana.

Answer #7

It’s time to move. The time to stay for 5 more years saving money was back when you were 19. If you don’t move, in 5 more years you will have the same questions as you do now. It’s not easy, but it has to be done if you are going to become an autonomous adult, standing on your own. Good Luck!!

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Answer #9

move sister please go pack your bags please do it for goodness sakes

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