Has anyone seen 'little shop of horror'?

has anyone seen the movie little shop of horror?

Answer #1

I SHOULD you IT ZOE AND BECKZ because IT FRICKEN ROCKED (obviously the coloured version) I LOVE the song ‘Down Town’ and ‘You’ll Be A Dentist!!!’ and ‘Feed Me!) ( Feed Me! Does it have to be blood! Feed me! Does it to be Human! Feed me! Does it have to be mine!? You can do it! Feed me Seymore! Feed me all night long! (Thats right boy!)because if you feed me Seymore… I can grow up Big and Strong!) YAY!!! :3

Answer #2

Yes and I lovd it. I use to watch it over and over!

Answer #3

yup=] it’s not my favorite musical, but I liked seeing it FEED ME!!XD haha worth seeing definitely

Answer #4

I don’t like the original black and white one. I prefer the musical with Rick Moranis in, so much better. It also has an alternate ending which is pretty sad, it follows the original ending of the black and white one. But I like the ending they decided to use on the film since it’s a happy one :)

Answer #5

I tried…several times, but I fell asleep every time.

It’s crap.

Answer #6

YESSS OHMIGWAD !!! you’ll die laughing yes yes just go on see it !!! it would badazzle your mind =]

Answer #7

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes YYYEEESSS!!! It’s such an amazing film!! I LOVE IT!!!

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