Little pine tree

I have this little pine tree in my yard. its so scrawny but I love it because I can remember it from when I was really little. at christmas and easter, we decorate it. its not dead, but its sooo scrawny!!! How can I help it grow? mom’s giving it one year and if it doesnt look good, its getting chopped down. save my tree!!!

Answer #1

I had a guy come out and look at my trees once and I believe he was from the local agriculture department.(I think it’s county). Check them out and if it’s not them, they can direct you to the right place. This guy came right out and he checked all my trees and gave me a lot of information.

Answer #2

it depends on the what kind of pine tree it is. it might just stay small for ever and just be tiny. bout I suppose you could try giving it a lot of water that might help

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