How do I help my brother get over this urinal fear?

so my little brother is really afraid to pee at a urinal in public if there are other guys neer him, he ends up using the stalls instead, how do i help him get over this, he is too embarassed to ask our dad.

Answer #1

I don’t blame him. I would not want to pee in front of other people either. That’s just creepy. Let him use the stall if he wants to.

Answer #2

Dear trentle, There is nothing wrong with him using the stalls. Do not force him to use urnals…in fact many many men will not use them. There are several reason why: they don’t want to be watched while urinating, they are dirty and stink etc. How would you feel if we took all the doors off in the woman’s washrooms…it’s okay for him not to use them even when he becomes a mature man. Sue…good luck

Answer #3

he probably feels ashamed to pee in front of other men. it is ok if he pees in the stalls, u just got to give him time to stop being afraid.

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