Do you listen to music while you are writing, or doing homework?

Does listening to music while writing or doing homework help you… or does it interfere with your train of thought?

Answer #1

all the time. it makes me focus most the time but not while im actually reading something .

Answer #2

I’m not in school but I listen to music a lot when I’m writing or sorting out bills or working from home. The music doesn’t disturb me or help me think. I just like to listen to it.

Answer #3

As much as I love music, I can’t listen to it while doing theory or anything with words or I start reading or writing the words to the song! So no :( I can’t. But I love having music when doing practical things.

Answer #4

Yep, unless I’m studying hardcore.

Answer #5

if im writing then no because i get confused easily XD but if i’m doing practical work then i love loud music ;)


Answer #6

yeah.Ever since i was yr7.The way i see it is that id rather listen to music then the rest of the world while trying to concetrate :) x

Answer #7

Yes, i can do that because the music will give you the spirit of doing that particular activity like writing, home work, doing other work. it really helps to do better on your work. music is like energy booster for human being, that why music has been in many of marriages and other occasions, sport ceremonies, as well as for yoga.. its good for health, when you hear some good music before sleep, that gives real satisfaction sleep.

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