Lipstick, getting it out of hair?

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how did you get lipstick in your hair, haha?? try using some cold cream that is for the face..and rubbing it into where you got it on your hair..then just wash and condition it as usual.

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Once you have wiped away all the excess..take a terry cloth face towel, and wet it with WD-40. This works as it is a silicone oil, and will dissolve and lift off the wax and oils that form the base for the lipstick. Of course you will have to wash your hair to remove the (clear) WD-40 residue, as it leaves your hair a bt oily. WD-40 will also remove marker, crayon, and lots of other things from many surfaces.

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Wash it

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penut butter?

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shampoo and conditioner. lol. other than that, I don't know, its hard dude!

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