Is there a lip liner that matches your natural lip color?

Answer #1

There probably is something close, although it would defeat the point? Everyone has different colored lips, just go to the store and look.

Answer #2

Well.. the whole point of lip liner is to show an outline to your lipstick, not your natural tone. It should be a shade or two darker than what you plan on wearing. If you want to go with your natural colour, using lip gloss would be your best bet.

If you’re talking in an actual sense whether or not there’s a natural colour shade just for the fun of it – probably. If you use it for it’s purpose, though, you wouldn’t be getting that colour anyways. xD

Answer #3

Yes, there will be. Go to a makeup shop and ask then to match a lipliner with your natural lips.

Answer #4

u can get a lip liner in a shade called nude,its the closest shade to yur lips,im sure most brands have it

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