lion king or titanic

what movie is better lion king or titanic???

Answer #1

I think titanic because it was sad because the girl and the boy loved each other and before they could really tell how they feel they died because the boat fall apart and it was very cold and you know your tempter drip you can die and that was a sad I cried…

Answer #2

THE LION KING “mufasa,mufasa,mufasa mufasa”lol

Answer #3


Answer #4

ummm… that’s sorta hard… because they fall into two totally seperate catogories! one is like a family/kid’s movie and the other leans to adult! lol ummm… to answer your question tho, I’d say titanic! (:

Answer #5

The Lion Kingg :D

Answer #6

The Lion King- the soundtrack alone is reason enough.

Answer #7

TITANIC!!! =D =D =D =D lol

Answer #8

titanic??? no lion king…this is hard >.<

Answer #9

lion king :]

Answer #10


Answer #11

dats ez it THE LION KING!!! =)

Answer #12

I pikk Titanic. It is very sad. I cry everytime I watch it=(

Answer #13

I can’t choose. They’re both my favourite.

Answer #14


Answer #15


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