Is there a limit to how many times you can sue a certain individual?

I don’t mean for the same thing, I mean suing them for different things that they do, that you can sue them for.

Answer #1

lol…well, not really - if it’s all for different things, but they’ll eventually go bankrupt, don’t you think?

Answer #2

Thr is no certain amount of times but they do have to be legitamite reasons or they cud end up sueing u for harrassment I do believe

Answer #3

no there is no limit, but it all comes down to how greedy the person is and how much they want to take the easy way out in life.

Answer #4

What do you mean by the easy way out?

Answer #5

depends on how much the person sues. like ok an example. we had a discussion in my human disease class in the beginning of the semester, and the discussion about malpractice suits came up. people are greedy so people want a ton of money when something like that happens. because they have the excuse of it was so devastating but yet they sue for 10 million. well theres always that saying you cant put a price on a life, tho the ppl suing just did. like granted there should be compensation but not in the millions like that, there was more to the discussion im just not going into every detail haha. and what i mean by the easy way out as in if the person sues for a ridiculous amount, just for then they are taken care of financially, again it depends on the lawsuit but still it all comes down to greed

Answer #6

aslong theys the correct evidence then no

court costs and legal costs would soon add up

Littlewoods legal team have took my brother to court 12 times now lol, they wont give up , theyll soon give up when court costs and solicitor costs add up :)

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