Is downloading limewire a bad idea?

Is downloading limewire a bad idea?

Answer #1

If you are looking to download free music, videos, etc, then I would advise against it - it’s copyright infringement, and it’s illegal. You can pay for a pro version and get your downloads legally

Also, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re bound to download viruses which are made easily available by other users (not Limewire, itself)

Answer #2

We can say don’t do it because it’s illegal until we’re blue in the face, but the fact is People ARE going to use it no matter what. I would be careful about the viruses and adware it can leave on your computer. PLUS, trying to use your computer while on Limewire slows everything down a lot. Bottom line is the people that I’ve known that have used it came away from it with a computer that didn’t work quite as good as before they used it. You do the math.

Answer #3

…no I shouldnt, because I use it all the time…just dont stay signed in forever, people might hack into your computer, but other than that is fine.

Answer #4

ummm depends what kind of computer you got..if its not so new then I dont think its a bad idea..and yes its true it can cause viruses and stuff like that..but hey its free music! :D lol.. I own it.

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