Limewire site

Is limeware a good site for downloadin songs…my friend uses it all the time and has no complaints..but just thought id ask lol

Answer #1

Yeah it is I just downloaded one right now. lol

Answer #2

It isn’t a site, it’s an application via which users share their files with one another. P2P Sharing. Limewire itself is not illegal as you could be sharing any kind of file eg. documents, your own videos etc., but when you share files that are copyrighted you can get in quite a bit of trouble. Decide whether you willing to take the risk :) Enjoy :) BTW it is a very efficient application.

Answer #3

then if its illegal why dont they shut down the site–

Answer #4

will I get in trouble for using this site???

Answer #5

yea I use it a lot and no you wont

Answer #6

yeah its quick for any downloads

Answer #7

Sharing music that is copyrighted is illegal, so yes you may get in trouble… (some people were fined thousands of dollars)

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