Who likes to rave?

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Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [x

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i defanately do, i absolutely love shuffleing, and i make dubstep, hardstyle, trance, club, and progressive music :D ive met deadmau5 and headhunterz in person, and im looking forward to seeing daft punk if they ever go on tour.

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me too!! nice to know there fellow ragers here!! xD my faves skrillex

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Feel free to laugh at me, but what is it? I might like it. Hell I thought I'd done everything but maybe not.

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raveing?? loud music tripped out on extacy n acid dancin ur ass of with glow sticks look up scary monsters and nice sprites, good song :) on of my faves

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The best raving is fun!=D

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anyone who likes to rave should listen to my 15 minute mix, im great at mixing but ok at making original songs. http://funadvice.com/r/16177rc6o3m

whats your opinion on raves?

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