Light brown ish hair to dark blonde.

Helloo =) I have like a light brown/dirty blonde ish colour of hair, and I hate it haha. until I was like 8 or 9 I had incredibly blonde hair. like the blondest kind of blonde you could get. and I miss it haha. I’ve never dyed me hair before, my brown hair now is natural. I have quite a pale face and quite dark eyebrows, im reaally considering dying my hair to JUST A TONE lighter, like really not too much, I’ve read some peoples comments about dying their hair and they dont seem too pleased haha. or highlights even,. but I think that it would look really gay and unusual lighter. pleaase help (:.

Answer #1

yes dye it but go to a hair dressers, dont want it to mess up lol. my hairdresser done mine from brown to blonde and it turnt out fine, and because your already got blondish hair the blonde will turn out fine.

Answer #2

I have the EXACT problem that you do, and I have gotten blonde fashion highlights a year ago just one time and it was nice looking, but It wasnt that much of a change.. I am going to try store stuff and ask my hair stylist, because I DO NOT wanna be major blonde, but I just want like EXTREMELY light brown or dark blonde hair :)

Answer #3

haha yeah same. im still not sure :/. I know that I wont suit it though :P thankyou though =) x

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