What is life like in Jacksonville, Florida?

Answer #1

I lived in Jacksonville my entire life. It’s amazing! it’s a really big city, but there are lots of different areas of town. If you move to the beach it’s a real small town feel. Everyone rides around on there beach cruisers, everyone knows each other. There’s lots of awesome local restaurants! If you move downtown or west side, it’s much more urban. There’s a certain appeal also though. There’s so adorable shops downtown, and some very awesome eclectic restaurants to try! The neighborhoods are under great renovation as they were once beautiful neighborhoods, but have become a bit run down. There’s also Ponte Vedre area that is very wealthy. It’s in the beach as well but much higher class. Nice shops, fabulous homes. There’s also Fort Caroline, Arlington area that is more middle class. Normal homes, strip malls, grocery stores. basically, Jacksonville offers anything and everything. It’s my home and I love it :D

Answer #2

Don’t plan on skiing or snowmobiling…LOL

Answer #3

Don’t plan on skiing or snowmobiling…LOL

Answer #4

is it really hot all year round?

Answer #5

is it really hot all year round?

Answer #6

Lol thats not a problem I’m from Miami

Answer #7

The further north you go, the cooler it can get. For thin blood types used to heat….it can get pretty cold. I have relations that lived around Orlando all their lives. It can (according to them) get pretty cold and frost warnings have, over the years. taken it’s toll on orange growers overnight…but it doesn’t last long nor anywhere near as severe as it get’s in the northern states. They do wear sweaters and on some nights heavier jackets, during the winter season.

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