License Written Test

Okay, so I passed the driving part today, for my license, but I still have to take the written test. Is it hard? Any good studying techniques? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. :) Thanks.


Answer #1

in Indiana the written test was HARD! you need to know like everything you learned. but it can be just common sense. Good Luck!

Answer #2

The drivers written test is hard!, but the resion why they do that so that you and other people can lrean how too drive well and know what too do in ceas of and caraccedte, and the resion why I now becaues for me 12years ago I had too go fevo the same the too, so GOOD LUCK, MY FRIEND.

Answer #3

The driving test is far and away more of a challenge than the written. For my written in Pennsylvania, all they did was had me identify some road signs and talk about what information I needed to carry. In Oregon, it was a little more involved. There were a few questions involving how far away to park from hydrants and who had the right of way.

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