Lice/Fleas my cat got affect me?

My neighbor’s cats got lice or fleas, I’m not entierly sure what these things are but my cat ended up getting them too– how, I do not know, because she’s ALWAYs indoors. She sleeps in my room on my bed, I have a queen sized bed and half of it is usually taken up by my clean laundry. She likes to sleep on my side of the bed and she favors some of my clothes, I work a lot so I have no time to put them away. My parents said I have to re wash ALL of those clothes! plus my comforter, bed sheets and everything because they jump around? I really have no time to do all this! it’s a tremendous ammount of clothes. what should I do? also do they get into my mattress and two small rubs at the foot of my bed as well? can I get them on me? I’m paranoid now that they’re jumping on my face at night, I know it’s silly but I can’t help it lol thanks in advance!

Answer #1

ok, my old cat kindly brought in some lodgers/visitors for me once…and it’s not nice!! grr

but if your cat had them, you would know! you would have bites or you would see them… if your cat does have them, then yes, you will have to re-wash all the bedding, but don’t do it til you have treated your cat! frontline is good..

a flea;

a flea feeds on anyone…they don’t care. they suck and feed. then when they’re full, they jump back on your pet and breed (they can ONLY breed on an animal 0 fact!) then your cat jumps about shakes / scratches and thr fleas fall off the cat and onto bedding laundry carpet and they love soft furnishings!!

then after about 2 weeks, these eggs hatch, then the cycle is repeated..a flea can only be killed when it is an adult it cannot be killed while it is still inside it’s egg prior to hatching..

you need to treat your cat, get someone in, it’s the easiest way, it’s costs about £100, but a person will come round, spray the house with a spray that leaves a film on everything (invisible) takes 2-3 hours to calm down before you can go in…and if you JUST treat your at it wil still takes 2-3 weeks for all the fleas to have hatched and died…so get the house treated as well!

but you will need to clear the area to get best coverage…

I have two kids, I am a full time student AND I work four nights a week, and I can make time to put my washing away…you should too! it’s the perfect environement for more than just fleas to breed!!

Answer #2

Most likely your cat got the fleas by you or someone else bringing them indoors. They can jump onto people to get inside. What sooitca said is true, you need to wash everything, but not just in your room. If there’s fleas in your bedroom then they will be in the whole house. Whenever we had fleas in our house from our cats my parents always got “Flea Bombs”. They are normally a can that you set off and they spray the film all over everything in the room that you are doing. Make sure however you do not have a pile of clothes laying around because they will hide underneath them and then you’ll have to do it all over again. You will have to treat your cat also, the easiest way is with Frontline. It’s a little tube that you put the gel inside it between your cats shoulder blades once a month. It really does work.

Good luck

Answer #3

well if you have lice , if your a boy put peanut butter in your hair , if your a girl manase,leave it in for a half a hour then take a shower rince it all off then have some 1 check your hair and pick all the lice out and putting manas or peanut butter on your hair it kills the bugs or lice, or nits..

Answer #4

First thing you should do is get something to treat your cat’s fleas. Flea collars do NOT work! They are a waste of money, I know, I have three cats myself. After you treat the fleas on your cat, your problem should go away. Ask your neighbor if they could get their cat treated too. Fleas can get onto humans, and they do bite! You can’t really get rid of fleas on you, but getting them off your cat will help a lot.

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