Liar Liar pants on fire

How can you tell if a man lies to you? Some are really good liars…

Answer #1

If it doesn’t make sense it’s not true, If Something Doesn’t Seem Right It’s Probably Not,

Answer #2

they’re always lying to you

Answer #3

Everybody has one weakness when they lie, something they do, even if it’s tiny. Some people can’t lie at all, they’re voices will go high or they’ll make irregular movement with their leg. Others are absolutely tiny and the odds are you won’t notice anything unless you know everything about the person.

I would watch him very closely whe he speaks and make a mental note of every movement he makes when he speaks, then when you think he’s lying see if he does anything differently, then see if this difference is repeated.

Answer #4

sound in their voice moves around studies sumtin else smiles a bit

Answer #5

Part of the reason some are really good liars is that they believe what they’re saying…for the moment…they are momentarily deluded not deceptive… :) If one is really telling a lie, they tend to touch their faces…scratch their cheek, or nose…put their fingers near their mouth…watch for figeting feet, also.


Answer #6

You can tell by the sound of their voice, such as it might be different then it usually is. also facial expressions, and sometimes if its embarrassing to them, they will look anywhere but into your eyes.

Hope I helped :)

Answer #7

they either dont look at you in the eye or they are fidgety. men normally go really red or just their ears do.

Answer #8

easy like at they face

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