Lg lotus 'this time' ringtone???

yeah,so here's the deal.

I got a LG LOTUS for christmas and one of the ring tones has a girl singing in it,I believe the ringtone is called 'this time'.

anyways,I looked up some of the lyrics form the snippet and I could not find anything at all! it sounds to much like a song to just be something made up by sprint /nextel [[seeing as we know their track record with ringtones sucks]]

anyways,I was wondering if anyone else who had a LG LOTUS got curious,looked up and found anything on the mysterious song snippet.

if you have found out who the artist is of this song and the full-lyrics,please let me know about it so I can sleep tonight xD

thnx a bunch!

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I'm in the same position I can't get the song out of my head have been looking everywhere for it and that is where I got this page from if you have found the answer by now please let me and on the secret cause I love this song

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I don't have the phone but if you tell me some of the lyrics I can do a search for you.

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this time by maniac garage

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I need that freaking song I have it memerized I looked all over the enternet and found junk I cant find that freaking song anywhere UGH!!

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UGH I want this fricking song sooo bad!!!:( its not even coming up on limewire...I think by now people should see that theres people going crazy to get this gosh darn song!!! and should sell it!!! itd be a GREAT hit-.-

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The ringtone "This Time" is from a song by Maniac Garage Is definitely not owned by sprint because it's also on my Verizon EnV Touch.

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I just got a Lotus too, and have been searching for the song... I can't find anything on it. It may be a music clip owned by Sprint, and isn't an actual song at all. I'll keep researchgin and let you know if I find anything.

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I have the lg lotus too and its driven me crazy! It may be one of my favorite songs and I cant even find it!

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It's actually a remake of the song "This Time" by Makou. Not that that helps find the version by Maniac Garage. Just figured I'd throw that out there.

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This Time by Maniac Garage

Here are the words:

right now
not then
I can still remember when
I've been working my way back to you boy
ready got a try

right now
not then
I cannot remember when
I've been working my way back to you boy
ready got a try

this time
this time

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[link removed]

Here's the original song by garage maniac.... I've done A LOT of searching for the answer, because it has really bothered me too, and I haven't found all of the lyrics, but you can understand them better on this video.

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