Is the name 'Leia' an English name?

Answer #1

it is English, Hebrew, and Yiddish. (i think)

Answer #2

Everywhere I’ve looked, it says it’s a Hebrew or Assyrian name, meaning “weary,” “ruler,” or Hawaiian, “heavenly flowers,” “child of heaven.” Hawaii is part of America, which speaks English, so yes, maybe?

Answer #3

It depends, if its meant to be the same as Leah just spelled differently, then its a hebrew name. Going by the spelling alone however, its hawwiian.

Answer #4

=] cool

Answer #5

=] lets just say its Hebrew =p lol

Answer #6

lol im a muslim, and when i tell people my names leia, there like ooh i thought u were a muslim? lol people always seem to think im a hindu!?

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