Legal age to work in u.k.

What’s the minimum age that a 15years old can work in u.k. Do the offices make exceptions so younger people than 16 can work there ??

Answer #1


In the UK, 13-year-olds can be employed for a certain number of hours per week. This is the minimum age.

At 16, you can begin to work full-time.

Answer #2

in the uk, you can legally do a few jobs from the age of 13 - a paper round or work for the family as long as it isnt manual work. at 14 you can babysit for anyone. there are limits to the amount of hours that you can work however. At 16 you are legally allowed to work almost any job (not things like bar work/selling alcohol or some forms of manual labour). Many people will not employ anyone under the age of 16 as they have to get a permit from the council and the hours are minimal. THere is also no real wage limits so you can easily be taken advantage of.

Answer #3

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