LeBron vs kobe

who do you think is better and why LeBron or Kobe?

Answer #1

Overrated youth? Are we talking about Lebron James here? No matter what I don’t think Lebron James could be counted as over rated, no matter what. He’s ALREADY proven himself to be the best in the league. He could take Kobe ALL DAY, ANYDAY. I don’t think it’s too early to compare, he averages the most points in the league and has one of the best records. I think Kobe was over rated in his youth, if it weren’t for shaq he wouldn’t have those rings.

My take is for Lebron on this one! Obviously :]

Answer #2

Kobe has proven himself with the test of time to be an outstanding athlete for the long haul. LeBron’s too young yet to really say what he will become in the history books: overrated youth or full blown superstar. It’s too early to really even compare.

Answer #3

Lebron is my favorite player for sure. Kobe is a fag and is way over rated. he is a ball hog. thats why he scores a lot of points

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