what I could get her as a leaving gift?

One of my friends from work is leaving, shes 23, girly, very bubbly. anybody have any ideas what I could get her as a leaving gift?

Answer #1

They have wonderful gift baskets at Bath and Body Works. Find out her favorite scent or scents and get a basket in that scent. If you have time you can order it from bathandbodyworks.com because they have a much better selection. You could also make her a CD of song to remind her of you and her other friends at work. Maybe take her to lunch or something too.

Answer #2

I’m 23 and todays my last day at work too. For a coworker cards are awesome. Something funny or heartfelt if you are close yto this person get her flowers too. Or if you can get to the store or can’t affird a gift take the person to the side and tell her that she was much appreciated at work and has become a good friend to you and to keep in touch!

Answer #3

well if you ask me im only 16 I would give her makeeup umm perfume umm well you can give her flower and a card

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