Leaving for 3 weeks, what do I do with my cat?

I’m planning on going home for 3 weeks, what should I do with my cat? I dont want to leave her alone for 3 weeks (have someone to feed and clean out her litter everday), but she stresses out really easily, so I dont want to board her either… I cant leave her at someone’s house because all the cat people have cats, and she doesnt do well with other cats…

Answer #1

aw, lol ethmer, thanks for the rose, and the kind words :)

I’ll try and be on (although with the tortoise paced internet connections I make no promises!)

anyways I’m not planning on going for a few months, this is just pre pre planning :)

Answer #2

Simply a Rose to brighten your day, And maybe lessen the cares in your way; And also, too, to help you to know, That in knowing you, many others grow!

  To hell with the cat! Who’s going to take care of US when you’re gone?

Answer #3

lol, cant take her with me, I’m going to africa…

how’d you find someone to stay at your house? I dont have friends who live nearby so that’s not an option… (and around how much did it cost?)

Answer #4

cute, v. cute :P

I just feel bad leaving her alone for 3 weeks, even if she’s being fed and watered, she’d probably still get really lonely.

Answer #5

I, like Dara, have had luck with Craigslist. But get references:) Also, your vet might know someone.

Answer #6

have a cat sitter come over and watch her thats what my grandparents do they have the neighbor come over everyday and play with her and take care of her

Answer #7

Cats can get pretty stressed. I don’t know the personality of your cat but I know mine hates when I’m gone for an 8 hr day let alone weeks! I would take him with you, most planes will allow you to have a small pet in a small carrier as a carry on for a fee. (I just took mine across the country… he actually did well on the plane… if you’re interested or decided to do it that way I have some tips!)

Different airlines have different rules, usually with going to countries across the ocean. (like africa! :) ) but I did a lil research, you usually just need proof of all their shots. Contact the airline for more info.

You can take a small amount of “cat” provisions with you then purchase some cheap ones when you get there. Then discard them when you leave.

Check in with your airline for their rules and regulations.

xox Sika

Answer #8

They do get lonely, but with a trusted friend coming in, playing…cleaning…feeding and watering, she’ll be much better off than going to a cattery, or being left with someone stopping in every few days.

When I went to Seattle last year, I found a college kid to stay at my house, and take care of the animals…that was her only job…it costs more, but is way better than the “stop-in”…feed…and leave.


Answer #9

thanks Dara

my family is in africa/canada

Answer #10

well maybe you should leave your cat with a family member

Answer #11

There are places who do in-home petsitting, look on Craigslist (miami). I always see them.

Answer #12

get some one to take care of your cat

Answer #13

Just do all the above & your cat will be ok

Answer #14

Take her with you

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